About Me

The Past
I love the Young Women program.  For me, as a teenager, it made a big difference in my life.  The lessons, firesides and activities were great.  And though as a teenager I didn't often show it, there were several leaders and advisers that influenced me.

The Now
Now that I'm "grown up" (in quotes because do we ever fully grow up?), I've been blessed to serve in the Young Women program and have had the privilege to work with quite a few different camp directors and young women leaders.

The Future
You probably know the struggles and joys of serving these wonderful young women. It is hard and sometimes un-thanked work, but you never know how much of a difference you will make in someone's life down the road. Just one thing you say may be remembered forever!

I hope something I post will be helpful or of interest to you, and that you can love your calling and enjoy the blessings we get just from the gift of service and life!

Why was this site named "Utah Mormon Wonder Woman"?  I started this site with different intentions: I had heard so many attitudes about "Utah Mormons" vs. "non-Utah Mormons," and when I moved to Utah, I found that members of the church in Utah are great, just like everywhere else.

You find all types of people everywhere, whether members of the church or not and whether from Utah or not.  So, I started this site to talk about that, but there's not much to say about it except what I just did! Of course, I've corrected the site name in line with President Nelson's direction to correct the name of the church and its members.

Somehow the site evolved into a Young Women's type of site, and I've really enjoyed bringing you ideas I hear about or create. If you have ideas to offer, let me know. I'm thrilled to add new, great ideas.

Keep in Touch,
Stacilee Oakes Whiting