Scripture Rocks: Rock Painting | YW Activity / Primary Activity

This is an easy, fun Young Women activity or Primary activity, and it can reinforce the girls' goals. They can put whatever phrase or word reminds them of a goal they've made.

I wanted to help the girls remember to read their scriptures (a few had mentioned this was a goal of theirs, so that was also a motivator for me).

I decided a scripture rock might do the trick.

If you've heard of a prayer rock, you'll know what I'm thinking. 

I was thinking the girls could put their scripture rock on their bed in the morning, and it will remind them to read their scriptures before they go to bed and move the rock. 

I hope it helps them remember to study their scriptures every day!

How We Did It


  • Rock
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Sharpie


  1. Scripture/theme/Article of Faith
  2. Opening prayer
  3. Show examples of kindness rocks/painted rocks
  4. Tell the girls to choose one
  5. Start painting!
  6. Show lettering examples so they can plan their lettering while paint dries
  7. Letter rocks
  8. Closing prayer