Yoga Night Activity for YW or Primary

We had a yoga night online recently! I was amazed at how excited the girls were for this one. 

I honestly thought it might be lame. I had a colossal failure on a similar night, "Feats of Strength," so I wondered if this would be boring for the girls. 

Well, they loved it, thank goodness.

Part of the colossal failure of the Feats of Strength night, may be because we were still pretty new to doing our meetings online, so the girls seemed a little less comfortable with it in general and it seemed like they felt odd exercising alone online. It was interesting.

Now, however, they're more used to being online and they didn't seem like they felt weird about it. They were super excited. We even had one girl's older sister "attend" because she thought it sounded fun. Yoga Night was great! They loved it and really participated full power.

What We Did


  • Texts to "market" it
  • Yoga poses to screen share


  1. Scripture/Article of Faith/YW Theme
  2. Opening Prayer
  3. Business for Next Week
  4. Screen Share Yoga Poses
  5. Start with Easiest
  6. Let them Pick a Few Others (They picked the hard ones)
  7. Closing Prayer

It was so quick and easy! It was also a lot of fun, even for me! I've never done a yoga class, but the ladies in our ward who were experienced weren't available, so I watched a few YouTube videos and it was actually very similar to other stretches you've probably done for sports, dance, etc. The girls loved it and so did I! You could even play relaxing music in the background. I wanted to, but opted for simplicity. I'm kind of glad I did. Super easy and fun activity.