New Articles of Faith Game for Primary Online Activity or Young Women Zoom Activities

It can be hard to go over the Articles of Faith online, just because the sound sometimes cuts in and out while we all say them together. 

Nevertheless, we do it!  

One week, though, I wanted to do something more, so I made an online quiz game covering the first five Articles of Faith.

It was really fun! The link is below.

*I usually choose the "Quiz" version because the other options randomly take points away when they choose certain tiles. 

However, the Classic Junior and the Classic versions also have bonus points behind the tiles sometimes. Also, since there are bonus or subtracted points tiles, you don't get as many actual questions behind the tiles, so it's less of a review if you only play once. 

Up to you!

What We Did


I told them we were going to check our memorization on the first five Articles of Faith, and I launched right into the game. 

If you screen share it, all the cute sound effects and the scoreboard will work for them too. I believe you can actually have them control the game and assign someone to answer a question, but I kept it simple and just marked whether the answer was right or not.

There are some basic instructions when you're starting the game, but just in case you don't notice them (I didn't), here's how you work it:

1. Choose Play to start the game.

Choose your game type. I chose Quiz. I left everything else as is. 

I don't usually have the girls compete against each other in most games, because I want them to be unified as one team. So, there's no option on Baamboozle for one team only, but we didn't play as teams and we just considered all the points as ours. You could also do leaders against girls or whatever you want.

Tada! At this point, I leave the game up and ready for when I share my screen. Or, you can share your screen and then go through the previous steps.

Once you get the game displayed, you can have the girls choose a tile (by its number) and then you just click on the tile they chose.

Once they've answered, you click "Check" (even if you know they answered right--it's the only way to progress through the game).

Then you click "Oops!" or "Okay," depending on whether they got the right answer.

It's fun and helps them review what they know in a fun way that gets everyone participating. If you have someone who hasn't had much memorizing help, you could let each girl have an "assistant" to give them help with the answer. Or, you could let anyone who knows it answer.

I let each girl have turns choosing tiles, but we all answered the questions so no one felt very embarrassed if they didn't know something.

You can play my Articles of Faith game for free here. 

Just press play to start the game. 

I hope you and your girls enjoy it! Let me know if you want more Articles of Faith games or other games. This one covers Articles of Faith 1-5.