Carnival in a Box: YW or Primary Service Project

Originally, the girls in my Primary group had wanted to put on a carnival for the younger Primary kids...then COVID-19 happened. I thought maybe there was a way to still do it and relieve the poor moms of bored young kids for a few hours at least.
So, we made carnival kits and delivered them to 20 families. Whew! It was a lot, but hopefully it helped some kids and parents! 

We spent three meetings working on the carnival games. After the first two weeks, we had an activity scheduled that the girls were really looking forward to (Faith Cakes, which you can check out here), so it made the whole month pretty fun for everyone. 

Here's what we did.

First Primary Activity Week:

1. Fishing Game
            Cut out fish
Put paper clips on fish
Make fishing pole: tie string to magnet, tie string to straw/dowel

2. Make clothespin drop
            Tape 8 1/2 x 14 paper around 2-liter
            Glue googley eyes
            Draw smiley mouth

3. Glue “Carnival in a Box” to the side

Second Primary Activity Week:

1. Spinner game:
            Cut spinner circle out
Put gold spinner brad in middle of paper and cardstock
            Glue arrows onto spinner

2. Target Toss
            Glue printout to cardboard
            Glue cups to paper/cardboard

Third Primary Activity Week

Attach direction tags to each game:
  1. Spinners, tape tag to back
  2. Fishing, put fish and pole in bag, staple tag to front of bag
  3. Tee Time, put tees and cotton balls in bag, staple tag on front
  4. Knock ‘em Down, put ball in cups, tape over 3 cups with ball inside
  5. Target Toss, tape tag on back or top corner
  6. Clothespin Drop: tape tag on back or front under googley eyes and mouth

**If you'd like copies of all the game and instruction files, let me know.