Articles of Faith (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

We're working on memorizing (or re-memorizing) the Articles of Faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Meeting Online?

While we do our meetings online, I like to share my screen and show an Article of Faith while we all repeat it. I figure it would be hard to get the girls to sing the Articles of Faith songs, since they'd feel like they're singing a solo in front of their family members, who are sometimes in the room or adjoining rooms. Plus, online, you kind of get quick earfuls of different people instead of hearing everyone at once. So, even online, it feels like you're singing a solo.

How We Do It

Instead, I share my screen and show the article of faith graphic. We read it together, and although the sound cuts in and out among us, it's better than nothing!

Graphics for Screen Sharing

Below are the Article of Faith graphics I made. I kept it simple but cute, so we're focusing on the actual words but they enjoy looking at it. You can download them for free!

We repeat one Article of Faith at the beginning of our meeting and then I like to mention something about what it means, related to their lives. I'm thinking I may start playing the song from the Children's Songbook also.

What Do You Suggest?

What do you do to help your girls/young women memorize the Articles of Faith? How effective do you think it is, and do your girls enjoy it?