Jacob 5 - Follow-along Pages | Come Follow Me

I love Jacob 5, but I didn't always!

It is a lot to follow, and I often got lost in all the changes among trees, branches and fruit. In a moment of clarity, I sat down and followed what was happening. I decided to make a graphic for my own use, to keep track of things. I hope it helps you too!

I love the many interpretations the Spirit has given me about this one chapter.

How does it apply to you? How does it apply to those you love and serve?

There are some gems in these verses, and I missed them for many years. I only saw the gathering and scattering of Israel (which is also a gem), and I didn't see all the applications in my life. It's beautiful when you get to see the applications in your life.

What causes scattering/bad fruit in these days? Should you despair? What can you do about it? Should you lose hope? (No.) There's a lot in here on many topics.

Anyway, enjoy the graphics! Make sure you give this website attribution if you share them. Thanks!

If you want each file as a separate page, just download the individual pages here.