Smaller "Greatest Cause on Earth" Handout

Wow, I just had to make another graphic on President Nelson's call to arms for the youth of the LDS church.

This one was for my ward's Young Women. They'll get them at Girls Camp. I punched a little hole with a slit and slipped smiling lightbulb keychains through. I wish I had taken a photo. I'll make a mock-up with some left-over pieces.

For now, though, you can already download the actual graphic. When I printed it, I put nine copies per page. I figure those young gals can read tiny print super well. :) You can obviously do it however you want!

Here's the graphic. As usual, you need to put your email in and it will automatically send to you. I do this to deter people who steal graphics and call them their own. Sorry for the bother. Just enter your email and click the Subscribe button. I don't share your email with anyone.  Someday I may get things together and email you again with more free downloads. :)