The Greatest Cause on Earth - Youth Fireside with President and Sister Nelson - Downloadable Graphics

Updated March 2020

I still am a fan of the principles Sister and President Nelson discussed in the youth fireside on June 3, 2018. I loved both talks and really felt uplifted and motivated to make a difference in people's lives. In fact, I think I will return and listen to those talks periodically to keep that motivation fresh.

Here's a link to read or watch the broadcast.


President Nelson talked about the blessings that came to him and others years ago, after a talk in 1979 by Spencer W. Kimball (the prophet at the time). Because of their obedience to something President Kimball said in a meeting, they were better suited to help others and they had greater enjoyment and blessings themselves. In fact, by our current prophet's obedience to President Kimball's request that people learn languages, etc, President Nelson learned the Chinese language and sought people out. He was able to bless the lives of people in the Republic of China, and he was able to enjoy a richer life.

Join the Greatest Cause on Earth

During the worldwide devotional in 2018, President Nelson asked the youth to join in the greatest cause on earth: the gathering of Israel, which Sister Nelson had discussed beautifully.

Specifically, the prophet asked the youth to:

1. Hold a seven-day fast from social media.

2. Make a weekly sacrifice of time to the Lord for three weeks.

3. Keep on the covenant path. If you are off, repent and get back on the path.

4. Pray daily that all of God's children might receive the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

5. Stand out. Be different. Be a light. Give to a friend one copy of the booklet For the Strength of Youth.

To the side is a graphic you may use in your work with the youth. :)