Goal or Value Mini Picture Frame Necklace

This necklace idea is another quick and easy Girls Camp craft or for goal reminders with the new youth initiative. I envision putting an image that represents a young woman's goal or even just a word in a cool font. Super simple directions below!

1.  Braid cording/jute and set aside.

2.  Use Mod Podge or glue/water mixture to affix photo to frame.  Allow to dry.

3.  Apply Mod Podge or glue/water mixture over top of photo.

Allow to dry and viola!  Super easy and meaningful craft, depending on what you have the young women use for a photo or word art.

💰 Need to save money?  You can do this idea with bottle caps instead of purchasing frames.  The bottle caps with split rings ensure your craft is fast and easy for the young women. For bulk bottlecap prices, contact me!

💰 If your budget is non-existent, glue a paper clip to the back of each bottle cap, with just the top loop above the cap so you can string the braided jute through it.

 Let me know how it goes!

Thanks to the Provo/Orem camp event for another beautiful craft.