New Year's Gift for Your Young Women or Primary Activity Girls

I came across this today on Pinterest, and I told the site owner I wanted to share it because I am in love with it!  I think it could be a good gift or handout for your young women or Primary activity girls.

I guess I am so crazy about this handout because it's common for people and especially young women to get down at this time of year.  We often see everything in our lives that isn't ideal, and want to throw out the old year.  But this handout helps each of us focus on the good things first, then we can move on to the things we want to change.

In case you can't read the text in the snapshot below, I'll summarize what the handout covers.  First, you fill in something that made you laugh, then something that made you think.  Next, fill in something that you're thankful for and lastly, something that made you proud (not the bad kind of proud, but the good kind, like an accomplishment that made you feel good).  After that, it's on to the goal setting.

I think it could go well with a young woman's lesson or activity, or you could even drop it off to your young women or Primary activity girls for them to fill out in private.  Please do use it, though!  Just print and give.

Here's a snapshot of what you can download, and a link to save or print the file from

Print the file from here:

New Year Free Printable

Thanks to for this awesome printable!