Safety Pin Bracelets for Personal Progress or Girls Camp

Isn't this cute!  These safety pin bracelets could be made as a girls camp craft or as a personal progress value activity (or even just a general young women's activity--but I like the crafts to have meaning, of course).  This personal progress craft is cute and easy, so it's great for the younger girls.

You just need some beads, string and safety pins.  And maybe girls who aren't accident prone. :)

Directions below...


There are other ways to make these personal progress bracelets, but this is what I think is simplest and most trouble-free:
  1. Thread beads onto each safety pin.  (You don't need to thread both sides - just the side that's easily accessible.)
  2. Using your choice of string or elastic, thread a needle.  If you're using vinyl cording, you won't need a needle; for most other string/cording, I would recommend using a needle.
  3. Thread one safety pin head onto the needle, then thread one safety pin end.  Continue until all safety pins are on the thread.
  4. With a new piece of thread or string, thread through the other side of each safety pin.
  5. Tie the thread ends together and snip.
You're done! This has limitless possibilities.  It's obviously perfect for personal progress value bracelets where you can focus on just one value color or make a combination of any/all value colors.  Have fun!  The young women will love this one if they've never done it before!  As with some of the other personal progress crafts, this would be a fun activity to do after the girls have completed a value experience, and then you could do bracelets with that personal progress values color.  Fun!