Free Sheet Music: Young Women of Covenant / Ruth and Esther / Stand Ye in Holy Places

I don't usually share my original songs on this site, but I'm feeling musical today, so here you go!

This free LDS sheet music is titled "Young Women of Covenant" and the song includes some lines from the YW theme, Stand Ye in Holy Places.

It's one of those songs like "A Child's Prayer" where you sing the first verse, then the second verse (which has a different melody), and then you sing both verses together.

Follow this link to get a free copy of the LDS sheet music, "Young Women of Covenant" for a limited time.

Below is a shot of the first page, but you can get the entire LDS sheet music at my "Creative Works" website.  I tried to arrange the YW song for easy piano so a young woman might be able to play it!  The lines from a past YW theme are, "We'll stand in holy places; we will not be moved..."  I love that idea!

Thoughts Behind the Song
I wrote this song originally as a tribute to two women from the scriptures (the Old Testament, to be exact):  Ruth and Esther.  I am motivated by their stories, and I hope to meet each of them someday.  My feeling is that each of us can be a person as strong and devoted as Ruth and Esther were.

free lds sheet music, yw holy places song

Anyway, take the link and get the free LDS sheet music!  So far, I've only found time to do the sheet music.  Someday I will record it too.  I heard a lovely duet performed of it a while back, and I wish I had a recording of that!  Alas, it didn't happen. :(

If you sing it, let me know. That would make my day.  For now, enjoy the free LDS sheet music and let me know how it goes!