2013 Stand Ye in Holy Places Theme Glass Tile

This is one of my favorite Young Women crafts for the "Stand Ye in Holy Places" theme.  I love how beautiful it is and I love how it reflects the purity and clarity you get inside the temple.  While any place can be a holy place, it's hard to visually project a holy place without using the temple.  Hence, the temple image on this block.

What is even better (and very refreshing) is that it's so easy to make!  There are two routes to take with this one:  you can go the vinyl route or the scrapbooking route.

So, pick which way you want to do it.  If you're a very cautious craft person like I can be, directions are below...  Otherwise, you can probably wing it just by looking closely at the photo below!


1.  Purchase clear blocks from your local home supply store.  They tend to be about $1-2 per block.  If you get really lucky, someone may be redoing their bathroom and throwing these out.

2.  Clean the blocks with rubbing alcohol or other residue-free cleaner.  You just want to make sure the blocks are completely clean and have no oils, etc. on them.

3.  With a dry erase marker, mark where each text section and temple image will go.  You may want to use a ruler and divide the block into sections so it's easier to determine where to put each section.  You can also eyeball it, but it's still helpful to mark the placements so step five is easier.

4.  Cut or purchase your vinyl letters and temple image.  If you are using scrapbook paper, you can find several temple silhouettes online or you can even print a temple image on paper of your choosing.

5.  Vinyl route:  Apply vinyl according to the dry erase marks you made.  Skip to step 7.


Scrapbook paper route:  Apply glue mixture (or ModPodge) to your papers and affix according to the dry erase marks you made on the block.

6.  Apply glue mixture or ModPodge over the entire front of the block and allow to dry.

7.  Tie a thick ribbon (at least 1 1/2" in thickness) around the edges of the block.

Easy, huh?  What a great reminder of the theme, and it's timeless because all our lives we can use reminders to stand in holy places.