Value Color Necklace for Personal Progress

This paper beaded necklace would be great if you're focusing on a particular value one month and you want an activity to tie in with the girls' personal progress work.  It would also be good if you've chosen one value to focus on at girls camp.

Directions below....

1.  Collect scrapbook leftovers, magazines, colored paper strips, etc.  The paper scraps don't need to be very big--just a 1/2" to 1" tall by a few inches long (for small beads) or up to 8 inches long (for bigger beads).

yw personal progress, yw value necklace2.  Cut the paper scraps to the shape and size desired.  For beads that are fatter in the middle than at the sides, like the ones below, cut the paper in a crescendo shape.  I'll put a pattern on the Downloads page, in case you aren't sure what I mean.
3.  Spread glue mixture (one part glue to two parts water) or Mod Podge over the pointy end of the triangle, then roll the paper up around a toothpick, bamboo skewer or other "spacer".  The glue on the end of the triangle will help the bead stay rolled.

4.  Finish the bead with another coating of glue/Mod Podge and remove your spacer (toothpick or whatever you chose to use).  Let dry.

5.  Once dry, string your bead onto the necklace material you want (fishing wire, boondoggles, elastic necklace material, yarn, upholstery thread, or whatever you dream up).

Viola!  Value-colored necklaces for the young women!  They would enjoy making this and you could play theme-centered music in the background, pass off a personal progress experience as they work or before they start, etc.  You could make this a two-part activity and string the beads another week, so the drying time doesn't mess you up.  Have fun!