Metal Frame Art

I love this polka dotted frame.  There are so many things you could add to this or tie this in with.  I think it's a great YW activity, girls camp craft, and a perfect frame to put the current year's YW theme in!

Of course, since I seem to be thinking about the young women theme a lot, I instantly picture this cute orange frame with a black and white YW theme graphic inside the frame--or you could do the frame with a black and white themed graphic and put a color picture inside.  So many fun ideas, and it's so quick and easy!

Directions for this cute YW craft are below...

Quick Steps

1.  Have someone cut the metal for you!  Or, you can make this frame out of practically anything and it will be cute.  You can even use cardboard, old wood, etc.

2. Choose a piece of scrapbook paper (or even make a collage of papers) and affix with Mod Podge or a glue mixture (two parts glue to one part water is what many like).  I think it's easier to cut the hole out afterwards, but it's up to you

3.  If you didn't pre-cut the paper, cut it once it's affixed to the frame.  An exacto knife will make it quick and easy.

4.  Brush Mod Podge (or glue mixture) over the paper and allow to dry.

As shown above, you can embellish with flowers, buttons, quotes, anything you like.  Since it's metal (if you chose to do it with metal), you can also use magnets with it!

It would be great to have a bunch of conference quotes printed up for the young women so they could chose quotes for their frames.  You could also have pencil sketches of temples, etc.  Young women love this kind of craft, and we can never get enough yw crafts, right? :)

By the way, I have to admit that once upon a time I thought doing crafts with the young women was a waste of their time and that they should do more meaningful activities.  Through watching the young women, though, I realized they love doing young women and girls camp crafts and it can still be a meaningful activity when the crafts tie in with the message or theme you are teaching.

Why not teach through a kinetic, purposeful activity, right?  So, now I'm believer in the validity of pulling in girls camp crafts or just general young women's crafts to help an idea hit home with the girls.

As long as we focus on our intended message or lesson we're trying to teach, a craft can be one of the things that brings the message home as they work on the activity you've chosen.