Values Necklace

I love, love, love this necklace.  I'm sorry you can't see it more clearly.  I must have moved and made it blurry when I shot the photo.  What I love about it is that you can put the value names legibly on a necklace.  This would be a great Personal Progress craft, a YW theme craft, or a girls camp craft.  The young women seem to really love making these types of crafts, and I love the idea of having jewelry that reminds us of our personal progress.

*My mind is racing with ideas for this project.  I remember a talk by Elder Maxwell about linking generations--that would be so cool to do a family history necklace where activity day girls could "link" their family names together.  You could also use this to do the YM/YW theme instead of using the values.

Directions below...

You will need to get some supplies for this craft:

Chain necklaces
Clear jewelry tubes (where you'll insert the paper that has the values typed)
Washers or additional embellishments


1.  Print out the values in your preferred font (for the size of tubes shown here, most fonts would be about 12-14 point in size).

2.  Cut the value printouts, roll them a little and place each one in a tube.

3.  Link the tubes and chain together in the order you want.

4.  Add additional washers or embellishments as desired.

So many options with this one.  My favorite idea is to help the girls pass off a personal progress experience during an activity and then they get a tube and paper to make a "bead" for that value.

No matter what, it's a great young women's craft (or activity days, as mentioned above), tying in the girls' love of jewelry in an easy to make and meaningful necklace.  Have fun.