Stand Ye in Holy Places - Wall Hanging

You probably know how to make one of these, but in case you want the very basics, see below.
I don't think we can underestimate the importance of having young women surround themselves with visual reminders of their goals, including each year's young women theme.  It may seem overdone, but I think we leaders do it because we recognize how crucial it is to have a constant reminder of what's important.  Just my opinion.  I know it might get old to have six years' worth of theme reminders, but what a great and uplifting room that could be. :)

I have two teenage daughters and one pre-teen, and after writing this post, I think I'm going to spend more time helping them make positive decorations to go everywhere in their rooms (and the whole house).  I think I care too much about the style I want--I'm not into the Arts and Crafts decor that's so big right now--but, I'm sure if I look hard enough, I could find things that are my style and communicate what I want them to.
At any rate, I highly support doing a yearly theme decoration for your young women (or even activity day girls--or scouts for that matter)!


1. Place the stencil on the wood. (If you want, you can create the stencil yourself by printing the letters and cutting them out.)

2.  Spray your paint over everything, including the side edges.

3.  Using fine sandpaper, begin sanding the edges and anywhere else to give a worn look.

4.  If you want to attach a ribbon, one super easy way is to add wall hangers on the back of the wood and string the ribbon through those.  Of course, you can always drill holes through the top and thread the ribbon through that way too.

Done!  So quick and easy.  You could give this as birthday gifts throughout the year, or as New Beginnings or Evening of Excellence gifts to keep the theme always on the young women's minds.