Fleece Poncho!

Where my ward spends girls camp, it's a little cold in the evening--even in the summer!  That's why a fleece poncho would be so welcome.  The girls would love how easy it is and how it keeps them warm outside.  It's a great YW girls camp craft:  quick, easy, practical!

If you found great colors or a print that goes with your theme, it would be even better.  More ideas plus directions below....

  1. Make an iron-on to go on the poncho.  You could put the iron-on on the back to make it like a cape in the back, if that goes with your theme.
  2. You could do bleach letters or the spray bleach idea (see this post) to make the poncho look more interesting.
  3. You could have little charms or tags for the girls to earn and attach to each fringe of the poncho.
  4. You could make cut out shapes and felt letters that they could sew on (hand sew) if they have down time at camp.
  5. If you make these before camp, the girls could sew border trim along the bottom of the poncho.  That would be a simple way to introduce them to machine sewing.
  6. You could have a thought that goes with the poncho, like how it relates to the armor of God, protective garments, or the Holy Ghost.

The young women could make these in one sitting and they'd probably feel empowered to try more difficult "sewing" projects in the future.


1.  Fold the fabric in half with the selvages together. ("Selvages" means the part on the edge that has a much tighter weave and looks more finished.  It's also the part that's usually at the bottom of the bolt when you see it in the store.)

2.  Have the young woman lay down on the material with their arms out like they're making a snow angel.  It's more fun for them (and trouble-free for you) to just have them lay down rather than measuring them to get it just right for each person.

3.  Mark where the girl's hands end.  After she has gotten up, have her cut a straight line so she now has a square piece of fabric that is basically the poncho without a neck hole.

4.  Cut the neck hole.  (You may want to make a pattern for this.  You want it big enough to get their head through, but not so big that it looks weird and loses heat.)

5.  Let the girls cut the fringe and tie each one in a knot.  I like fringe that is about one inch wide and about four inches deep/long.  The poncho in this photo is probably cut about 1/2" wide and 1 1/2" long.

Viola!  Easy and warm ponchos for everyone, both young women and leaders!

Thanks to the Orem/Provo Camp Meeting for this idea.