Stand Ye in Holy Places Logo: YM YW Theme 2013

As always, I love the theme the Young Men and Young Women Presidencies have chosen for 2013!  Below is a free Stand Ye in Holy Places Logo if you need it (right click and save the image).

If you'd like a Landscape Stand Ye in Holy Places Logo instead, follow this link or click the Downloads tab above.  The landscape version is actually my favorite of the two.

I'll try to make some other Stand Ye in Holy Places clipart options soon.

We are doing an unusual take on the theme this year, just for our young women.  More on that in another post! 

For now, enjoy the logo, and follow this link to get other downloads. 

I put some "Stand Ye in Holy Places" logos on our opening exercises sheets that the girls fill out when they're conducting, and I also did our roles and roll covers with the theme using this clipart and more.  You can get all of that from the Downloads tab or by following this link.  Enjoy!