Camp "Welcome Signs"

One year, one of our camp directors made little "Welcome Signs" for each of the girls and leaders.  When we walked in the cabin our first day at girls camp, there was a little sign above each sleeping spot.  She used the meaning of each person's name, which was uplifting since the meaning is always positive (as far as I saw).  :)  It's also a good way to assign sleeping spots if you decide that's necessary for any reason.  It depends on the situation and inspiration.

Other years, I've seen people do cute signs with just the name in lettering, etc.  Last year, we did magnet boards and were going to have them hanging as a welcome, but we decided we didn't want girls banging their heads on the corners of the boards.  :)

Of course, there have been plenty of years without welcome signs, too.  It's just a cute idea if someone wants to do it, has time and has an idea.  I think it's a nice touch for anyone who is feeling homesick.