Glass Stone Bracelet for Girls Camp or YW Craft - or Even Relief Society Enrichment or Activity Days

Several good ideas here...  You can see the pop tops bracelet that I showed you several months ago, but look at the bracelet with little images in the background of each glass stone (in the lower right of the photo--sorry this shot isn't as focused).  That might be more pricey than the ring that's similar, but the bracelet is really pretty if you can afford the pieces.  It's a lot less expensive than a bracelet we made one year, where all the pieces were miniature silver figurines!  That was crazy.

To make this bracelet, you simply cut out the background you want and glue it to the silver backing for each piece.  Then you glue on the glass stone and you're done.  Very easy and really pretty!

Thanks to the Provo Camp Conf. for yet another wonderful idea.