Easy Ring for Girls Camp, YW Craft, Activity Days or Relief Society Enrichment

Cute and easy ring to make at girls camp or home!  Put a theme-based photo in the background (maybe a temple) or let the girls cut out a design from magazines.

You simply glue the photo/design to the silver ring back, then add the glass cover with glue.  You could also make rings that don't poke out as far by using Mod Podge over the image instead of the glass stone.

I do have kits for making these, if you need a quick and easy craft.  Each kit is 50 cents and contains the stone, ring (with post), and theme background.  Easy girls camp craft; one of the easiest I've done/seen.  Directions below...


1.  Cut out your paper design that will show through from behind the stone.
2.  Put Mod Podge mixture on top of your paper design and attach it to the back of the rock.
3.  Once the Mod Podge has dried, place hot glue or super glue on the ring and attach the rock to the ring.

That's it!  Even the least crafty young woman can do this one and it is one of the best for a girls camp craft that is easy and the popular with the yw.  Let me see your end results!  Have fun.

Once again, thanks to the Provo Camp Conf. for the table of ideas!