Earings from Soda Cans! Great YW Girls Camp Project or Relief Society Enrichment Project

Earings from soda cans!  Who thought this up?  So cute.

Wouldn't this be awesome if you printed out something with a temple and the YM/YW theme text "Stand Ye in Holy Places", then the young women could cut and add it to the earrings?  How cool is that?

The ward that did this just cut the earrings out with tin snips, sanded the edges, then Mod Podged the pattern to the front.  You could glue the basic pattern on, trim any less than perfect edges, then do the final Mod Podge.  Detailed directions below...


Soda can
Tin snips, strong scissors, or Sizzix/Cuttlebug, etc.
Heavy duty sanding paper
Heavy duty gloves to protect your hands!
Earring earwires (the part that goes in your ear and also attaches to the metal charm)


1.  Punch a hole in the side of the soda can (preferably toward the top or bottom of the side) and cut off the top and bottom pieces.  Cut down the side until you can spread the aluminum out and it's a rectangle.  You should probably sand the edges so you don't get hurt working with the aluminum.

2.  Cut your shape with a Sizzix-type of maching or with scissors/tin snips and a pattern you've drawn.

3.  Sand the edges!  Some people like to roll the edges a little, but they still need to be sanded, so don't skip this step no matter what you do.

4.  Poke a hole where you'll want to attach the earwires for the earrings.  You can use a pair of scissors or metal working instruments.

5. Cut your paper to match the shape of your new aluminum earrings. :)

6.  Use Mod Podge or your own glue mixture to affix the paper to the aluminum, then Mod Podge over the whole thing.

7.  Re-poke the hole you made in case the Mod Podge covered it up, then attach the earwires.

There you have it.  Very cool earrings made from stuff most people have laying around the house.  The young women will love this craft, although I would pre-cut and sand the aluminum shapes unless you're sure they will bring heavy duty gloves.

This was another great idea I saw at a camp meeting.  Thanks to the Provo Camp Conf.