Arise and Shine Forth YW Theme - More Lighting Ideas

We made these for some table decorations and lighting at girls camp.  It was my daughter's idea!  She saw these old globes that had once been on someone's chandelier, and she suggested using them for our lighted "jars".  They looked so good placed around on the picnic tables and everyone loved them.  We put little lights inside that could be turned on at night for glowing stars.

It could work equally well at a low-light Evening of Excellence dinner or something like that!

The Message that Goes with "Arise and Shine Forth" (2012's YW Theme)

To me, the globes are like each one of us:  beautiful, but much more lit up and helpful when the light is shining.  When we are doing what it takes to keep our light shining, we can help others not stumble in the dark and even help them enjoy themselves more.