Should YW Carry the Weight

Should YW Carry the Weight - Photo of Luggage
Today I was remembering an experience I had once at a YW Girls' Camp.  I had developed a relationship with a young woman who was somewhat new and unconnected with the other young women.

As any leader would be, I was there for this young woman when she needed someone to sit with or walk with, etc.

However, what happened on the last day of camp surprised me.

We were packing up and everyone needed to take their suitcase/baggage to a certain area the Stake has designated.

I was starting to walk with my heavy bag when this cute young woman asked me to carry her bags and sleeping items up the hill.  I said cheerfully, "Sure, if you want to carry mine!"  Well, she was obviously bugged by the fact that I wouldn't let her get out of work or her responsibility to take care of her luggage.

I felt bad that she somehow misunderstood the role of a leader.  Leaders aren't there to do everything for the young women--that wouldn't help them in the long run.

We are there to encourage and help them learn to be their best.

So, if my purpose were to help a young woman build muscles, I wouldn't lift her weights.  And if my purpose is to help a young woman become self-reliant, I won't do everything for her.

Anyway, it was an interesting experience which led me to think:  Should young women carry their own weight?  How much is too much to expect?

For each young woman the answer is different because each one can handle different things.  What do you think?