Do More (Magnify Your Talents)

Last night I had the privilege of touring an artist's home.  This wasn't any ordinary home, and the homeowner was no ordinary person!

She had hand-painted almost every square inch of her home, and it was beautiful.

What struck me most, though, was that while I'm not an artist, and I don't desire to do the same to my home, I do desire to use the talents I've been given more.

This wonderful woman wasn't hiding her talents until everything she wanted to do was "finished" or "perfect".  She told us what she was working on and let us see everything as it currently was.

Sometimes we hesitate to share talents because we aren't "finished" or "perfect".  When we do, we may be depriving someone of blessings they need now.

So, this is my new motto:  Do it and share it!  I'll try.  Will you?  I'd love to share your talents on this site!  Send them to me if you dare!