Light or "Arise and Shine" Theme Centerpiece

arise and shine forth theme centerpieceCool "Light Bowl" for "Arise and Shine" YW Theme

I saw this at Denver's Aeronautic Museum, of all places.  It looked so cool that I had to get a snapshot.  Sorry it's a little blurry--I enlarged it so you can see it better.

 I think it would be an amazing centerpiece for camp tables at night or Evening of Excellence!

See below for a few ideas on how you can tie it in to the theme or other topics.

How they did it:

  1. Find a glass bowl or jar in the shape you want.
  2. Get one of those small keychain lights and place it in the bowl.
  3. Fill the bowl with clear (or colored, but mostly transparent) fishbowl pebbles.

So easy and magical looking!

 Accompanying Message or Thought

The message could be that the Savior is the light and we reflect His light (like the clear pebbles). 
Some additional ideas to go with it:
  • You could relate it to being virtuous and unspotted by the world.  Point out how the clearer and cleaner the pebbles are, the better they can reflect the light and make the bowl beautiful.  If the pebbles are dirty or foggy, they don't reflect the light very well and the bowl is less beautiful--just like the world is less beautiful if we don't reflect His light.  
  • We can become "foggy" by not doing our basic scripture reading, not praying, not keeping the commandments. 
  • This easily relates to morality, but I might be careful in how you word it.  I assume someone who is struggling with morality might not feel very good about themselves if they are told they are "muddy" or "foggy"--though it may be an accurate statement.  I'm not sure.
Just some thoughts!  You know your girls best and are entitled to inspiration for them.
Best wishes,