I was reading Genesis 24 yesterday, and I was impressed by Rebekah. Not only was she willing to leave her familiar land and family, but there was something about her willingness to serve that I found enlightening and refreshing.

Here she comes upon this man who asks for a drink of water. So, she gives him a drink of water. But then, she offers to get water for his camels. Not only that, but then she continues to water the camels until they are filled.

It's so impressive that she would go above and beyond what the man asked for--and in a complete way. She didn't just give the camels a little water, but enough until they were completely full.

I think it would be great if we fulfilled our callings and assignments in the way Rebekah did. If we don't do just what's "required" or asked of us, but if we really see all the ways we can help and then go about doing everything possible.

Rebekah probably had other things she could do, and she probably lived a life of ease for back in those days, I'm guessing since she had a maiden.

But Rebekah wasn't spoiled or lazy or too busy to help a stranger. She's a good example for each of us! I'm a Rebekah wannabe now. :)