Good Samaritan: Paying Debts He Didn't Incur

Today I was thinking about the parable of the good Samaritan, as told in the New Testament. I think it's amazing that the Samaritan paid for the beat up man's care without asking for anything in return.

It reminded me of the Savior and how he has paid for us in many ways.

Like the beat up man in the parable, sometimes others "beat" us up emotionally or otherwise. The Savior's atonement covers our healing in those cases when we are innocent, just as in cases where we are the sinners.

It wasn't the man's fault that robbers attacked and hurt him. Sometimes, people "rob" us of a positive view of ourselves. Yet, the Savior, who is completely innocent of doing something like that...he pays our debt and we can be healed and see ourselves accurately, if we allow that healing and insight.

I love the parable of the good Samaritan even more now that I see how it applies to the Savior's sacrifice for us, as well as the traditional application of how we should love each other.