Put Children in the Sun (Son)

This morning I was trying to repair a plant that someone gave me as a gift last year. Some of the leaves were turning yellow and the plant as a whole wasn't as full as when I first got it.

As I plucked off the dead leaves, I contemplated what the problem could be. I had been watering enough, and the plant roots were still okay. So, all wasn't lost. But still, why wasn't the plant as healthy as it once had been?

I thought, "Maybe it needs more direct sunlight," so I placed it right in front of my kitchen window. Suddenly, as I looked toward the plant's normal resting place (where I had placed it because it looked so pretty there), I realized it was getting next to zero sunlight at that spot.

So, the plant just needs to be in the sun more, and my problem was solved.

It instantly took me to my kids and my worries I have about them.

Maybe the solution isn't as difficult as it seems. Maybe children just need to be in the sun, or in other words, they need to be exposed to the Son--Jesus Christ. With direct sunlight (Sonlight), they might flourish and grow better than any other fertilizer or method.

Then, when it's time for them to be planted in a bigger pot (i.e., have more freedom as they continue to grow older), they'll be healthy and ready to expand in a good way, without being damaged from too much freedom and being away from their familiar surroundings.

There I had it! My solution to all my worries about children. I need to get them in the "Sonlight" so they can grow and expand healthily once they're "repotted".

I hope your children have the same great fortune! It's hard to be a parent, but we aren't parenting alone. Get your kids into the "Sonlight" as much as possible.