The Parable of the Prom Dress (with the Parable of the Ten Virgins)

When we think about the parable of the ten virgins and how to teach it to young women, I think there are a few difficulties:  
1) Some young women feel embarrassed about the word virgin, which I am guessing was not an uncomfortable term to use in the Savior's day
2) Some people get tripped up by why the five wise virgins wouldn't/couldn't share their oil (although this clarification from the prophet clears that up for many)
3) The girls don't understand the culture at the time and the wedding celebration and procession.
Quick Recap There are great resources to understand this parable more fully, and I think it's important to research them.  
As a quick recap, though, what I have been taught is that the wedding procession began as the bridegroom passed by, and everyone would file in after him until they reached the location for the wedding.  
So, all ten virgins were waiting for the procession and knew it was coming.  They were just s…

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